The One Club – Six Month Prepaid

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One Club is your one book a month club. A monthly subscription can be used as a trial to the subscription before you get a longterm. Every month, we select five books from varying genres so that it meets the criteria for young readers and adults alike. Of those five, simply get the one book you are most interested in reading. Books from price ranges between 700-1100 are listed as options and they are all specially imported to be sent in this box.  However, you get it for a fixed price. You can add a minimum one and maximum two books. The selections are unique and no other Indian store releases them before us. They might do so afterwards. It is perfect for people who like to book but are not keen on merchandise and products inspired from books.

One Club works in your favour because –

  1. You can CHOOSE the book you want.
  2. You get only HARDCOVERS.
  3.  No matter what the price, you get the month’s most anticipated at a fixed price.
  4.  All this with no additional cost or unwanted merchandise.
  5.  All exclusive imports, brought before all else.
  6.  The perfect gift for any occasion – a  great hardcover book and a bookmark.
  7.  No hidden charges ( like shipping, taxes etc)
  8.  We choose only the best books from each month’s international new releases.

A book subscription service that delivers to you the month’s most anticipated books. Exclusive hardcovers from the best of the best are selected as the five books on the fifth of each month. You can pick anyone ( maximum two) and you pay only a fixed sum each month, irrespective of whether the book is for 700 or 1500. Perfect for readers who would want to enjoy the benefit of book subscription but without the hassle of the goodies that come along with them. The benefit offered is that these books are premium binding first edition hardcovers imported exclusively for the buyers of the box. Premium selection, affordable rates and newly released interesting books to choose from every month.

With Six Monthly Plan save most and stay with us for Six Months. 100% Safe and Secure Payments.


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