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Love good books?  If your answer is yes, then you are at right place. Each month we shortlist five books which we think you are going to love reading and is something which you must have in your collection. Getting a One Club Box is very very easy. 

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We got some really cool curators, and you’re gonna love the selection. Every Month

Research Less.

Forget research, you only got to read. We’ll do the reasearch for you and pick books which you’ll really really like.

Save Money

Get your first box at Rs 799 only after that it will be 849 per month. + Hardcovers that are really special and pricey.

Not a fast reader? Skip whenever

Every month choose a book for your box or skip it, if you skip do not worry you won’t be charged.

Here's Your Monthly Breakdown


Each Month We Pick 5 Best Hardcovers. 


It’s up to you to decide, if you want one or two? Choose Your BOTM and an Addon if you want any. 


Get the box every month. Read, Share & Repeat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why should I subscribe to The One Club over buying books a la carte?

Early new releases,  top quality, and oh — we’re way cheaper. (Check the price of Hardcovers which we feature) Plus, a subscription gets you excited to read, so you might actually do more of it. And that’s a good thing!

Will money be deibited automatically from my a/c?

As of now, you’ll have to renew the box every month by manual payments. Don’t worry we’ll send emails with reminders. 

What if I don’t read a book every month?

 Every month you’re asked if you want a book or want to skip, and the choice is entirely up to you.

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